- In pursuit of a Fair Review

By Bomber Command Medal Campaign Team, May 18 2018 05:14PM

On 21st April our campaign group was contacted by BBC television producer Victoria Panton Bacon, whose Grandfather flew Blenheims in WWII. Victoria has recently edited 'The Six Weeks of Blenheim Summmer', an account of her grandfather's experiences in WW2 which she discovered amongst his belongings.

Our goal is a common one. Bomber Command needs full and final recognition from the UK government and we are delighted to be working with her to try and achieve this for our survivng Bomber Command veterans and the close families of their comrades who are still with us today.

Together we will show that the Military Medals Review undertaken in 2012 was unfair to Bomber Command.

Please support the Bomber Command Medal Campaign and sign the Fair Military Medals Review Petition.

By Bomber Command Medal Campaign Team, Jan 22 2018 05:22PM

On 19th January 2018 Wing Co Jim Wright met Sqn Ldr Johnny Johnson at a Veterans Day held in advance of the opening of the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln. Jim has been campaigning for a Bomber Command Medal for nearly 13 years. It was the first time that the pair had met. Jim learnt of the NEW campaign for a Bomber Command Medal and Johnny gave his full support.